jueves, 25 de agosto de 2011

As regards ATTACHMENT!!!!

Here you have a list of trainees , some of them are already with attached students. I would like you to share with classmates , I mean if you´ve been an attached for a month now , move on find another and leave your place to a classmate.

Alejandra Nuñez
Belén Capello
Natalia Sandoval ( Ya se encuentra haciendo su residencia en Wings)
Marina Montenegro
Florencia Terraes
Ariana Avellanal
Ivana Cáceres
Liz Armendía
Silvina Sosa
Sara Romero
Vanesa Pavón
Paula Romero Tepper
Camila Muzzi
Raquel Ramírez
Lorena Gomez (Haciendo residencia en Wings)
Vallejos Luján
Ethel Aguirre

Try to contact them as soon as possible!

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