jueves, 13 de octubre de 2011

Topics to think about for the Practical Work

As you have read you´re going to prepare your MINDS to do the best you can next Wednesday, 19th .
The topics you are going to deal with are these:
-How old are you....? How old is he/she.....?
-My day . Daily routine
-What´s the time? It´s time for.......
-There is /are.How many?
-Personal information. Hi ,I´m.....; I´m from.....; I´m......years old, etc.

Ok start looking for material, games, ideas and everything you need to make a nice plan IN CLASS. You can photocopy lessons from books, bring teacher´s books, all is accepted.
I will give you the photocopy of the topic you choose, so you have to use the one I give you and you can extract ideas from your material.

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  1. Hello teacher, I have a question.. Is this a change in the arrangements we've made yesterday? Do you mean that now the idea is to do everything IN CLASS or can we bring a first draft at least? Thank you!

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  3. Hi teacher, I just want to know about the topic of the plan. I mean you want us to choose one of those above, but you are going to provide us with the book on which we have to base to do the plans? Is it obligatory to use that material or can we do it without it? Thank you.